Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekend Lists

Weekend Favorites
Movie of the Moment: Like Crazy
Currently Listening to: Sinatra
Book of the Moment: The Four Agreements
Food of the Moment: Vegan Sushi

This weekend I've been thinking about:
Travelling to: California, Seattle, Portland, Austin and New York in the next year
Making a solid decison about whether or not to transfer to an art school for photography. So far the best art schools in the United States seem to be The Art Institue of San Francisco, Parsons, Pratt, California College of the Arts. It's a really hard decision to make for me right now.
The schools I applied to last year: FloridaSU, NorthernArizonaU, IowaSU, SanFransciscoSU, ColumbiaCollegeChicago but I ended up withdrawing all of my applications. I think I was too scared, but I'm glad I decided to go here.
How much I love the West. I really want to move to the West coast. It's so beautiful here.
Becoming a much more confident person
Taking a media arts/graphic design class and using it in my photography
Exploring Missoula
My excitement for Fall
Disney College Program next Fall
Study Abroad in Switzerland, France, or the UK

ALSO. I WAS HIRED TO PHOTOGRAPH A MATERNITY SHOOT IN DECEMBER AND I AM FREAKING OUT. I'm so nervous. Agh. I need advice from people. I really want this to be special.


  1. I've been to Austin and I absolutely loved it! Such a vibrant and creative city... honestly, I didn't want to leave, and Seattle is pretty awesome too (I live two hours from there). Best of luck with all your goals - they are wonderful!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

    1. Austin is so beautiful, my brother lives there and I absolutely love it there. :) I've never been to Seattle, but hopefully someday.


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