Friday, January 10, 2014

And I'm Just Saying It's a Bummer Man

Today is a day to remember. I hung out with my friend, Vanessa. We really don't hang out nearly as often as I would like. And it's always weird for me when we do because of that. I think we should probably change that haha. But she was texting an old friend of mine from high school who I was super super close with, but who changed schools and stopped talking to me our junior year and she ended up giving her my number.

There's something amazing about reconnecting with an old friend. There are so many things to look back on and just laugh at. I'm not a fan of who I was in high school, but sometimes it's fun to just reflect on some of the memories I made. And it's crazy to think that I have friends getting married in just a few months. I mean, I remember some of their lowest moments and their heartbreaks. It's insane to me. And it was nice talking about that with an old friend today. And catching her up on the things she missed in the last two years of high school.

Anyways, today I spent most of the day walking around town with Vanessa and looking at my soon to be camera online (Canon 60d).

If you're curious at all about my shirt, you should look up The Front Bottoms. They are one of my favorite bands. Some friend and I drove down to see them in Milwaukee in November. They were the opener which I think a lot of people thought was weird considering we drove like five hours to see them, but it was completely worth it. They were amazing and I definitely got some eye contact in there. haha.

I don't have much to say today. You guys are my homemade mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy.


p.s. this post is pretty much me rambling and I'm sorry for that.


  1. aww it's so nice reconnecting with old friends- especially all the reminiscing! when i moved to seattle and then came back to chicago, i saw one of my childhood friends for the first time in like nine months. i can't even tell you all the belly laughs we had talking about just what shenanigans we did the year prior =P And it's super weird when kids from your class start getting married. I see BABIES all over my Facebook and I'm just like....wut. Haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Aww I love reconnecting with friends. There are so many people I lose touch with and one day out of the blue, we will suddenly start talking again. And it's especially great to see how much you've both grown! :) and it's crazy to think about how fast time seems to have moved. Wasn't it yesterday when I saw you crying over that kid in choir? And now you're engaged? How is that even possible!

  2. Lovely outfit, I love the pop of colour with your red tights! Im going to look up that band, The Front Bottoms is the best band name ever LOL.

  3. Love love love the pop of color with the tights . . . looks like u enjoyed yourself <3

  4. I love your outfit! The black band tee with the red tights is too cute! I might have to try that. I just checked them out too - and I like them! I'll have to keep listening, but I liked Twin Sized Mattress! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Tieka! Aren't they great? They're like ten time better live. Completely in love. :D

  5. old friends are the best, aren't they? that pic of you two reflected back in the mirror is too cute & your outfit is quite fun too! loving the bright red tights, so awesome!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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