Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Stock

Making :  plans to move. I'm going stir crazy in my hometown. 
Cooking : I just made Amy's vegan burritos because I'm too exhausted to cook at the moment. 
Drinking : Arnold Palmer right now. Flashback to high school!
Reading: Re Reading Paper Towns at the moment. I have so many books that have been waiting for me to read for months though. 
Wanting: Canon 70d
Looking: For a new adventure
Playing: With new blog ideas
Wasting: My life working constantly
Sewing: Nothing
Wishing: I had all the answers
Enjoying: New summer weather
Waiting: For my "great perhaps"
Liking: Bubble baths and Netflix
Wondering: What is yet come
Loving: New Opportunities
Hoping: To pick up a camera and rediscover my lost passion
Marvelling: At how many people know who John Green is now! I've been watching his videos since high school and now TFIOS is everywhere
Needing: To make a change. 
Smelling: Laundry Detergent
Wearing: $2 Flannel from the little boys section
Following: The new twitter hashtags created with the idea of combatting violence against woman in mind l! 
Noticing: That I'm not as happy as I want to be
Knowing: That it'll get better
Thinking: About new tattoos I have in mind
Feeling: Like I'm ready to make some tough decisions
Bookmarking: New prints from etsy for my new room
Opening: Another bag of Epsom Salt for my horribly aching feet. Seriously. I'm on my feet 18 hours of the day....I think my body hates me 
Giggling: At Neighbors which I saw for the 2nd time yesterday
Feeling: Like I already did this one :)

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Monday, June 2, 2014

The last couple weeks

On May 23rd one of my best friends from high school got married and I am beyond blessed to have been there on her special day. I rode up early and got to hang out w/her and the bridesmaids before the ceremony. It was amazing and surreal to watch the entire day unfold. She is such a beautiful person and I have no doubt in my mind that Amy and Caramon are an amazing match.
She wore the dress her mother wore when she married her father. And her father wrote two songs that were played at the ceremony. One he write specifically for his own wedding and the other he wrote specifically for her and her new husband. It was an incredibly sentimental day. 
She was stunning and I shed a few tears as she walked down the aisle. 
Afterwards I just about tackled her. WE WERENT SUPPOSED TO GROW UP. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TWO NERDY HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS FOREVER. Where has the time gone? Why is everyone making so many new life decisions!? I don't want to grow up. 

Here are just a few more pictures of the goings on in my life aside from working 80 hours a week. 

Oh and currently my new obsession: 

Have a good one ☺️