Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Abandoned Once

Today a friend and I did something a little crazy and we went to Minneapolis to explore. We didn't stay long, but I really needed the adventure after the month I've had! So I figured I share some of my shots with you all.

I'm sorry I haven't really updated as of late. I think that as usual, I have a lot of things in my daily life I need to work out. Such as balancing life with work and friends with alone time, moving passed my past and trying to enjoy my hometown while I'm living in it. And I think that most of all I really need to look for what I can do to improve myself for myself rather than trying to be what everyone else seems to want for me to be. And maybe remembering that what other people say or think doesn't matter as much as what I do because I have the right to fully love myself even when I don't even think I deserve it.

Some updates as of late:
I had a few shoots with some of my film cameras and I'm incredibly excited to develop the film and see how they turn out.
I'm going to be an aunt again and I'm so excited for February to roll around.
I deferred my enrollment (AGAIN) to Montana for the spring of 2015, but I'm going to try to take some online classes until then.
And just some world/US updates that I'm sure you're already updated on, if anyone isn't already aware or educated about what's currently going on in Ferguson I kindly urge you to do so because it's important and should not be ignored if you want any information I figured I link you to a google doc that a friend of mine made to keep people informed:

Is anyone even still reading this? if you are, you should know how much I missed updating here.

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  1. Welcome back! I have always enjoyed reading your posts!


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